The best choice for your ipad

When you get a new pad, you should prepare some accessories that must be essential.

The most important is a protective case.

Your ipad is so expensive that you should protect it as honey .It will company with you day and night. So we should cherish and protect him or her from scratches and cracks.

As you know, the cost of case is so nice same as look. It also makes your ipad special and beautiful.

 Then which style is your prefer?

Slim leather case is light and colorful. The cost  for you is supposed to be most friendly.

Durable Leather and soft microfiber material protect your pad well. At the same time, it won’t add the bulk and weight for your bag.

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Soft TPU case with leather cover

Designed to work with Pencil so you can hand-write notes, sketch drawings, or mark up documents directly on iPad. Plus, a built-in holder stores your stylus so it’s always there when you need it.

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Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard case

 It could make your pad turn into mac. It is very useful to work and learning .

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Portable wireless mini keyboard

Lightweight keyboard is a good choice. It is widely compatiable for mobile phone,other tablets. It support IOS, Windows, and Andriod system.

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  1. Tempered glass screen protector for pad

It protects your ipad screen clear and safe. Touch sensitive and smoothly. It won’t delay when you draw , type, work and play games

Visual experience of bare screen. High transparent offers your the real picture.

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  1. Touch pen

If you are students or you like drawing, this pen is crucial.

Comparing with original apple pencil, touch pen is more friendly to you.

Mutiple kinds of touch pen are available.

Wide compatiable pen is the best price. It is convenient to draw and marked .

You might worry too much about the cost and suddenly crack. It is perfect to satisfy your request.

It could be also widely compatiable with multiple mobile device, such Andriod, and windows system.

There is also plam-rejection pen for you. If your plam touches the screen, don’t worry, just draw.

It is a bit expensive than compatiable pen. However, it may worthy when you request more.

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Which one is your best recommended?

Post time: Jan-21-2021